Here are a variety of files available for you to download and use for your own personal use.

Desk Top Icons

These came from a Japanese website. Enjoy! (Click the picture to download the zip file)

These came from the Disney Channel YEARS ago (think 1990's) when they still aired the Care Bears. Probably not "pretty" enough for today's technology world but a nice memory. (Click the picture to download the zip file)

2012 Japanese Calendar

Here are the images that appear on the 2012 Care Bear Calendar in Japan. These are all "Elena Style" artwork that has been computer edited to create some new images, including Sweet Sakura Bear. I only scanned the month names when a full image of a Care Bear was on the page. Several where cropped off because of the edges of the calendar so I did not include them.
Scans are 500px in width and scanned at 600dpi for a high quality file. Please do not use on another website!

(click image to download)


The fonts below are ZIP files so you will have to extract the files and place them in the "Fonts" folder on your computer. This is typically found by going to My Computer, Local Disc C:, Windows, Fonts. (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts)

Care Bears By Iacy
A pictorial font, featuring characters from the Care Bears, not letters. This font came from Dafont

Care Bear Family
This is the "traditional" font featured on the Care Bear products in the 1980s.

LMS Care Bear Font
This font came from London Letter's It features the Care Bears sitting on letters.

Care Bear Stationary
I don't remember where this Outlook Express stationary came from so if it is yours let me know and I'll give you credit for it.

Sticker Sets

Here are a few scans of stickers and other items available for you to download. These files are ZIP files, so you will need WinZip or another similar program to extract the images.

Care Bear Picture Alphabet (All 26 letters, 240 KB)
Click above to download the Care Bear picture alphabet.

Scans of Stickers from Argentina
Stickers 1-50 (1.2MB)
Stickers 51-100 (1.5MB)
Stickers 101-150 (1.7MB)
Stickers 151-199 (1.2MB)
Stickers 200-247 (1.2MB)

I am currently missing around 70 stickers, so there are no scans of those images yet. I am hoping to get more of the stickers in the near future though. These stickers and album were produced by Cromy and sold in Central and South America. These appear frequently on the MercadoLibre site (South America's Ebay) but are nearly impossible for the rest of the world to get, as you need a South American Credit card to purchase on MercadoLibre.

Scans of the 1994 Panini Sticker Album (50 images, 3.8 MB)
Thanks to the wonderful gabie-cares from FoF, I can now offer a zip file of all 87 stickers that were a part of the 1994 sticker album. All of the stickers have been assembled and edited to create these 50 images.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

I cannot remember who created these or how I obtained them, but I recently ran across a CD filled with graphics and random items, these were among them. The date from the CD says that I created the file in October of 2005. If these are yours and you want me to take them down or give you credit, let me know.

Right-click, select "Save As" and you will save the full sized image that you can then print.

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