sampleI have spent years collecting Care Bear items from around the world. The easiest way to obtain these items is to be able to search for them in other languages. I have complied nearly complete translations for 14 different languages. These translations are not the literal translation that you would get from a translating service, but the names in which the bears were released in other countries.

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sampleMy personal favorite is the 1980's artwork done by Elena. Her use of watercolors to create the Care Bears has always given the Care Bears' their personalities and cuddly factor that just cannot be duplicated through the use of computer graphics. You will find a lot of her pictures here, as well as many other artists' work. If you use these pictures on another website please make sure you link back to me!

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sampleThis section of the site has been consistent for over 13 years, but the material within it has constantly changed as some of the items are too outdated to use. When looking to update the site and add in the downloads, I came across the Yahoo Messenger and ICQ skins that I had made in 2001. Technology and graphics have certainly come a long way since then! While I'm leaving out the useless, outdated items; you might find one or two "throwback" items listed here.

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