These lists are as complete as I can possibly make them. They are typed in .docx format, which should open on any computer running Microsoft Word. If you have any additions or corrections, please email me. The vintage guide is pretty extensive but absolutely NO WHERE NEAR a complete list. Every time I look around on ebay, I seem to find numerous new items to add to the list. The lists for the 20th Anniversary, New Style, Celebration Style, 25th Anniversary, Adventures in Care A Lot, Hasrbo, and Welcome to Care A Lot lists are up to date as of 2/10/2015.

MSWord Files (.doc)

1980's List 317KB
1990's List 31KB
New Style List (2002-2007) 204KB
20th Anniversary Style List (2001-2004) 111KB
Celebration Style List (2004-2007) 41KB
25th Anniversary Style List (2008) 34KB
AiCaL Style List (2007-2008) 34KB
Hasbro Release (2012) 14KB
Welcome to Care A Lot Style List (2014-current) 14KB
Asian Released Plush (2010-current) 14KB

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Most of the pictures have been saved from eBay over the last 15 years. Others have come from members of message boards including,,, Caring Board, Forest of Feelings. And a special thanks to Cary from Care Bears Forever for the use of some of her pictures!