Care Bear Air Fresheners

The Care Bears had four types of air fresheners produced in the 1980s. The first are pomanders, designed to hold sweet smelling herbs. They are ceramic, from the UK and there are 3 in the set. There are also plastic, figural air fresheners marketed towards children. There are 4 in the set. Produced in 1986, last seen on eBay for $75 in January 2015 for complete set MIB. The third type were Do-it-Yourself wall hangings, sold in the craft section of stores. They were made by Paragon in 1986. From what I have seen, only Wish and Love A Lot were made. The fourth type were called "Bear Fresheners" and were made by Turtle Wax. There were four in the set, Funshine, Love A Lot, Tenderheart, and Wish. These are extremely rare and have only shown up on eBay two or three times in the last 15 years.