Catalog Scans

sample Looking for scans from old Christmas catalogs, to compile here as a reference of what original costs were as well as what type of products were made. If you have scans of any old toy/Christmas catalogs, I would greatly appreciate it if you are willing to share. Please email me. I would love to obtain scans of the pages containing Care Bear items from the JCPenney's, Sears, and Montgomery Wards catalogs from the years 1984 until 1995. Various Care Bear items were produced during these times, the last being the Shopko Bears in 1995.

The toy fair catalog scans are compliments of gabie-cares from FoF.

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sample Currently, I am working to obtain anything that is "original" about the Care Bears. This includes original artwork, prototypes, or any other information.

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Collection Guides

sample This section is still under construction so not all the links are working properly. The MS Word files are as complete as possible and are up-to-date as of October 19, 2014 (for USA released items only).

he PDF files will contain the lists along with pictures to accompany each set. Where possible the pictures show the entire set of the items. I am still missing a lot of pictures

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