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Painting Details

The actual time frame to create your painting will vary depending on the details in the painting and Elena's workload at that time. All paintings will be done using Winsor+Newton watercolor paints on a sheet of Strathmore 3 ply Bristol paper, the same way they were created in the 1980s. The paintings will be mailed to you unframed. Elena is also willing to personalize your picture with any special notes you may wish to add, if room permits.

Custom paintings are available in a wide range of prices, depending on the size, detail, and time involved in the painting. For an exact cost, please see the order page for more details.

Elena will do her best to fill any request but prices will vary based on the time involved. Below you will find some examples of what a typical picture in each price range would be. Remember these are only examples to give you ideas of what you can get, the exact cost will be determined by what you want in your painting.

Shipping unless otherwise stated will be $5 within the USA and $15 for International and will be mailed in a well-protected envelope (other shipping methods will cost extra but are available!). Insurance and delivery confirmation is extra and highly recommended.

Add in any New or Custom Character to a Painting

Cost: Varies

Are you in love with a custom character you've created? Or one of the new bears that have been created by Playalong Toys? Elena is willing to add in any of the new bears or your custom character to a painting!

**New Bears**
Since these are not Elena's design, she will need to invest time into researching the bears to be able get accurate colors, tummy symbols, etc. Please note that extra fees may apply!

**Custom Characters**
Please note that Elena reserves the right to decline to paint any custom characters that she feels are inappropriate for the Care Bear Family. If requesting a custom character, please include the type of animal and a sketch of at least the tummy symbol (a sketch of the whole character would be preferred). Please be aware that extra fees will apply!

Pre-Styled Special Offer Paintings

Cost: $100 (plus shipping)

Size: 8"x10"

These are 5 pieces that have been created by Elena for Care Bear Lovers who would like to purchase a special piece of original Care Bear art at a very affordable price. Elena is offering the following 5 designs for this special offer.

Single Bear or Cousin Painting

Cost:beginning at or around $300 (plus shipping)

Size: 8"x10" (vertical or horizontal)

These paintings will be done upon your request and feature 1 Care Bear or Care Bear Cousin with limited background and additional objects.

Shipping charges will be $5 within the USA and $15 for International. Insurance and delivery confirmation will be extra.

Picture is for example only!

Small Group Paintings

Cost:beginning at or around $450 (plus shipping)

Size: 8"x10" (vertical or horizontal)

These paintings will be done upon your request and can feature up to 3 Bears or Cousins of your choice, in a location or setting of your choice.

Picture is for example only!

The Complex Painting

Cost: beginning at or around $800 (plus shipping)

Size: 9"x12" (vertical or horizontal)

This painting could contain 10 or more Care Bears and/or Cousins in a setting of your choice with a lot of background detail.

Picture is for example only!


No commercial use or reproduction of the proofs, copies, or paintings of Elena’s artwork will be permitted. Care Bears are a trademark of American Greetings Corporation.