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Payment Details

Elena will usually request one-third of the total upon the start of sketching, then she will email the sketch and after review, another one-third payment is due. The balance is due before she mails out the finished painting. You will also receive an email with a scan/photo before the painting is actually shipped out.

Payment methods include Paypal and Money Orders. International Bidders, Paypal only please!

How To Order

If your request is simply for one of the 5 "Special Offer" Paintings please send your request.

If your request is for a custom painting please create a rough sketch of what it is you would like. You may use stick figures, boxes, lots of words and refer to existing artwork done by Elena. If referring to existing artwork please include a scan of the picture or a link to the picture on the internet. Make your request as clear as possible so that Elena can give you an accurate price.

Attach your "sketch" to an email and send it. Upon receiving your request, Elena will evaluate the time and cost to do your custom painting.


No commercial use or reproduction of the proofs, copies, or paintings of Elena’s artwork will be permitted. Care Bears are a trademark of American Greetings Corporation.