Welcome to the Kingdom of Caring, home of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

Care A Lot

The Care Bears are a group of fun, lovable bears from cloud-filled Care-a-lot who have one special mission- -to teach caring and sharing to others and show them how to express their feelings. Each Care Bear has a unique, recognizable personality with a colorful belly badge to match! For thirty years, the Care Bears have appealed to both kids and parents, because they teach valuable lessons in a fun, friendly way! Parents trust them to offer children good examples about how to treat others, understand their own feelings, and apply what they learn as they grow.

Take one step into Care-a-Lot and prepare for wishes to come true and unbelievable adventures to ensue! Care-a-Lot is the high-above-the-earth home of the Care Bears – the coolest, most caring-est, magical friends around! It’s a whimsical world where the Care Bears help children navigate their feelings through music, love, belly-badge powers and great big Care Bear hugs.
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Amigo Bear


Bedtime Bear


Best Friend Bear

best friend

Birthday Bear


Cheer Bear

cheer Cheer Bear is the happiest bear in Care-a-Lot! She's proud of her go-for-it attitude and often makes up cheers right on the spot. Spreading joy is as obvious in her actions as it is on her belly badge - a beautiful rainbow!

Christmas Wishes Bear

Christmas Wishes This bear has been released in Japan and Singapore for the 30th Anniversary celebration that was held in October/November. This is the only plush that has hit eBay and has sold for $70 to $120. The bear is also appearing on stickers and pajama pants sold in the USA.

Funshine Bear

funshine For Funshine Bear, having fun is job number one! Nothing makes him happier than hanging out with friends or going on wild adventures! He makes the most of his days with sunny optimism and a flare for being fearless. Funshine's belly badge reflects this spirit - a smiling, blazing sun!

Good Luck Bear

good luck

Grams Bear


Great Giving Bear

great giving The Great Giving Bear is like the Santa Claus of Care Bears. He has appeared in the episodes Holiday Hics and Holi-Stage. He was released as a 13inch and 8inch plushies in Singapore in October of 2014.

Grumpy Bear

grumpy Underneath the wisecracks - or when he's not building something - Grumpy Bear really does have a heart! He likes to remind kids who are having a bad day that they're always loved - it's as plain as the cloud and heart-shaped raindrops on his belly badge!

Harmony Bear

harmony She sings, she acts, she plays every instrument you can imagine! Harmony Bear is a natural leader who is all about encouraging folks to do their best, especially through music. that's why her belly badge is a single flower with different colored petals!

Hugs Cub


Laugh A Lot Bear

laugh a lot

Love A Lot Bear

love a lot

Secret Bear


Share Bear

share Need something? Anything? If Share Bear has it, she'll share it! Carefree and loving, Share is happiest when she's with her friends - or baking! She loves sharing so much that she shows it with her belly badge - two heart-shaped lollipops!

Surprise Bear


Sweet Dreams Bear

Sweet Dreams

Tenderheart Bear

tenderheart Even though Tenderheart Bear is the eldest and wisest Care Bear, he's still pretty cool! Whether it's advice or understanding, a hug or a nudge, he knows just what kids need to help them share their feelings. His belly badge is perfect for the job too - a big, red heart!

Thanks A Lot Bear


Trick or Sweet Bear

trick or sweet An exclusive bear released as a plush in Singapore.

Tugs Cub


Wish Bear


Wonderheart Bear

wonderheart Newest Care Bear family member and Tenderheart's neice. Wonderheart Bear, the newest bear to join Care-a-Lot, is a curious and cute fur ball who is always filled with questions. All she wants in the world is to be a part of the older bears' adventures and her belly badge (a little heart) will gain power as she grows.