Welcome to the Kingdom of Caring, home of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

New Style Care Bear Family

The mass market release of the Care Bears in 2001 brought about a HUGE extension to the Care Bear family. Under the production of Play Along Toys, countless new bears were added to the Care Bear line over the five years they were being produced. This section is just dedicated to the descriptions and images of the Care Bears and Cousins from the early 2000's. Please check out the Collectibles section for a full list of items actually made.

All My Heart Bear

All  My Heart All My Heart Bear was released exclusively for Target during Valentine's Day in 2006. "All My Heart Bear helps people share their deep feelings on Valentine's Day. When it comes to saying "Be my Valentine" or "I love you" in just the right way, All My Heart Bear is always on target. The Bear's symbol is a perfect target for Cupid's arrow - concentric hearts.

Always There Bear

Always There Always There Bear reminds us that people we love never leave our hearts or thoughts, even when we might be apart from them. If you miss someone special, Always There is ready with a big, comforting hug. Her tummy symbol shows what she knows best - love keeps happy hearts together. Always!

America Cares Bear

America Cares America Cares Bear. This is the first new creation by Play Along Toys. America Cares Bear loves all that's good about our country. This happy and energetic bear shows that we should do all we can to care for America and the world. America Cares Bear even shows he cares about our country with his red, white and blue tummy symbol -a shooting star.

Amigo Bear

Amigo Amigo Bear. This is the new "multicultural" bear. The world is full of different people, languages and customs. Amigo Bear knows one "language" everyone speaks-friendship. Amigo is a friend to everyone everywhere and speaks many other languages, but especially Spanish. This Bear's symbol has a Latin look - it's a happy spiral sun circled with radiant hearts.

Bashful Heart Bear

bashful heart Bashful Heart Bear. "There's a very cute and slightly shy little guy whose name is Bashful Heart Bear. He's the bear who shows that you don't have to talk a lot to be extra nice. His tummy symbol quietly tells his story. It's a heart timidly hidden behind a cloud."

Bedtime Bear

bedtime This Bedtime Bear stays up nights. He's the special bear who helps people get a good night's sleep and makes sure that they have sweet dreams. There's no better bear buddy for a goodnight hug. Bedtime has a symbol that says what he's all about-a sleepy-faced moon.

Best Friend Bear

Best Friend Best Friend Bear. "Who's the bear that helps bring perfect pals together? Best Friend Bear! She knows how to care for best friends and keep them caring for each other. Even her tummy symbol shows the special caring bond between two close friends -a heart and a star, linked by a rainbow."

Birthday Bear

Birthday Birthday Bear wants everyone to have a happy birthday.. He's a fun-loving bear who is completely at home at a part. He also loves giving presents and playing party games. The picture on his tummy shows his job well-it's a birthday cupcake with candle.

Brave Heart Lion

Brave Heart Lion This is the new Brave Heart Lion. His design has only changed a little around his nose.

Bright Heart Raccoon

good luck This is the new Bright Heart. His stripes are lighter in color and his tummy symbol is no longer a lit-up light bulb and is now a glowing light blub.

Champ Bear

champ Champ Bear is a real sports star. He's great at every sport, but he's even better at sharing the real prizes of sports-fun, fitness, friendship and learning to be your best. He even shows this with his symbol-a golden trophy with star.

Cheer Bear

cheer Cheer Bear is a very happy Care Bear who helps others see the bright side of life. Se will sometimes even do a cheer to help make someone happier. Wherever she goes, Cheer Bear wears a symbol of hope and happiness-a rainbow.

Cozy Heart Penguin

harmony This is the new Cozy Heart Penguin. Cozy Heart no longer has legs and to me looks more like a real penguin.

Day Dream Bear

daydream Daydream Bear loves playing pretend. She shows how important imagination is for everyone. But with her funny little accidents, she also shows that it's important to pay attention too. Her tummy symbol is a daydreamer's dream. It's a spacey heart-shaped planet surrounded by stars.

Do Your Best Bear

do your best Do Your Best Bear. He is a new addition to the Care Bear family and came out in early 2004. Do-Your-Best bear is a Care Bear who dreams big and never gives up. Like his name says, he helps others put their best into everything they do. He's an upbeat bear who's always ready to say, "Great job!" His "aim high" attitude shows in his tummy symbol -- a beautiful kite. (taken from the tag on my Do-Your-Best Bear beanie).

Friend Bear

friend Need a good friend? Friend Bear would love to be your best buddy bear. She's caring, likes to play with you and she's fun to be with. She has a friendly symbol on her tummy-two smiling flowers!

Funshine Bear

funshine Funshine Bear is the Care Bears' class clown. This playful bear really knows how to be funny and to have fun. Funshine Bear works hard to make sure that people have a good time. "Enjoy each day" is Funshine's motto and it's shown by the bear's symbol -a smiling sun!

Gentle Heart Lamb

surprise This is the new Gentle Heart Lamb. She has received a pink and white heart for a tummy symbol (instead of an reddish pink heart with buttons on it) and now she has a green face.

Gig The Pig

take care I'm not sure where to put her but this is Gig The Pig from the movie, Journey to Joke-A-Lot. But since it is a Care Bear related character I thought I better include her.

Good Luck Bear

tenderheart Good Luck Bear is loaded with luck and he loves to share it with anyone who can use a little more good fortune. You'll almost always find this bear with a big smile on his face. Even the symbol on his tummy is lucky-a four-leaf clover!

Grumpy Bear

trueheart Grumpy Bear frowns a lot-that's his way to show us how silly we look when we frown too much. He also shows that it's okay to be grumpy sometimes. But even when we're grumpy, we're still loved and we're reminded of that by Grumpy Bear's symbol rain cloud with heart-shaped raindrops.

Harmony Bear

wish Harmony Bear helps others get along. This peace-loving bear knows our differences are something to be celebrated, not something to keep us apart. When differences are brought together in harmony they create something beautiful. That's the meaning of her symbol-a smiling flower with different colored petals.

Heart Song Bear

tenderheart There's always music in the air for Heartsong Bear. This lively bear loves every kind of music and she loves the way music helps us communicate and get in touch with our feelings. She can turn almost any feeling or sound into a song. Her symbol? Heart-shaped music notes, of course!

Hopeful Heart Bear

wish Hopeful Heart Bear is brimming with hope and happiness. She knows a positive outlook is very important. Hopeful Heart always looks on the bright side and knows how to share her hopeful ways with others. Her tummy symbol is a heart glowing with a rainbow of happy rays!

Hugs Cub

hugs Baby Hugs Bear is a sweet and loving little girl Care Bear. She's very affectionate and gives hugs to everyone. She's also very curious and often gets into mischief. Her symbol, a smiling star coming out of a heart, shows her outgoing, loving nature

Laugh A Lot Bear

laugh a lot Laugh A Lot Bear. She was the first new addition to the Care Bear family. She appeared first in the sing-along bears in the summer of 2003. "There's always something funny going on wherever Laugh-a-Lot Bear is. This silly bear gets everything mixed up but turns her little misfortunes and mistakes into lots of laughter for others. Her symbol shows what she really is - a star at giving others the giggles."

Lotsa Heart Elephant

lotsa heart This is the new Lotsa Heart Elephant. Aside from the blue eyes, it is basically identical to the 80s version.

Love A Lot Bear

love a lot Love A Lot Bear believes in the power of love but is not afraid to help it along. She's a pretty and perky bear who loves everything about love and tries to make it grown wherever she goes. Love-a-Lot Bear loves her tummy symbol too-two hearts!

Loyal Heart Dog

loyal heart This is the new Loyal Heart Dog. Loyal Heart now has a white heart around one eye.

Perfect Panda

perfect Perfect Panda helps others see and enjoy all the beautiful things that are in the world around us. One of the Care Bears' best artists, Perfect Panda loves to create beautiful things himself. Even Perfect Panda's tummy symbol is perfect - a start-shaped medal with ribbon.

Play A Lot Bear

play a lot Which Care Bear is the perfect playmate? Play-a-lot Bear! He's always ready to come out and play. This energetic bundle of playfulness is all about helping us keep a little "recess" in our day. Play-a-lot makes life a ball and that's shown on his symbol - a bouncing playground ball.

Playful Heart Monkey

playful heart This is the new Playful Heart Monkey. Playful Heart is now a much more yellow color.

Polite Panda

polite Polite Panda always remembers to say please and thank you. Her special way to care is to show others good manners. Naturally, Polite Panda is very nice and everyone enjoys being around her. Her tummy symbol makes it easy for us all to remember our manners-a beautiful rose!

Proud Heart Cat

proud heart This is the new Proud Heart Cat. She has changed to a greenish color with white paws.

Secret Bear

secret You can tell anything to Secret Bear. She's that special kind of friend people just love to swap secrets with. You can count on her to guard your secret with care. Even her tummy symbol says, "your secret's safe with me." It's a heart-shaped padlock!

Share Bear

share Nobody knows how to share like Share Bear. She is a friendly bear who knows how much fun it is to give some of her good things to others. She thinks that sharing is such a treat, that she shows it with her symbol-two heart-shaped lollipops.

Shine Bright Bear

shine bright Shine Bright Bear believes we should try to shine in all we do and that includes putting a special polish on how we look. She loves dressing up to look her best and she is Care-a-lot's fashion princess. Her symbol shines too - it's a bright sun inside a heart. (released May 2006)

Smart Heart Bear

smart heart Smart Heart Bear approaches her world with a sense of wonder and delight. Always question even the simplest things she is continually learning and encourages others to do the same. She thinks a curious open mind is so important she shows it with her symbol-a teacher's apple!

Super Star Bear

super star Ready, set, go! In sports and off-court Superstar Bear dazzles everyone with her winning attitude. Whether she wins or loses, this bear always keeps going all out! Whatever you're doing, remember what her tummy symbol means - at the center of every "star", there is a big heart.

Surprise Bear

surprise Surprise Bear thinks new and unexpected things are fun. This bear helps others try out new and different things. Of course, she also loves surprise gifts and parties. Surprise has a surprising tummy symbol that says what she's about -a smiling star springing out of a jack-in-the-box.

Sweet Dreams Bear

sweet dreams Sweet Dreams Bear whispers delicious thoughts as you sleep. She helps others have the best mornings by giving them the happiest dreams. This charming bear knows smiles aren't just for daytime. She wants you to rest as pleasantly as her tummy symbol - a drowsy moon drifting off to dreamland.

Swift Heart Rabbit

swift heart Swift Heart Rabbit has remained the same.

Take Care Bear

take care Take Care Bear is one very careful bear. As Care-a-Lot's expert on "looking before you leap." she teaches others how to be safe and careful. She is also a warmhearted bear who wishes the best for everyone. Her symbol shows her caring, careful nature -a smiling heart hugging a star.

Tenderheart Bear

tenderheart Tenderheart is a loving and lovable bear who knows lots about helping others share their feelings. By helping people show they care, Tenderheart Bear spreads love and makes it grow. He wears he perfect symbol for his job on his tummy -a heart.

Thanks A Lot Bear

thanks a lot Thanks-a-Lot Bear is the special bear who reminds us to thank people who have been nice to us. She is quite thoughtful and loves to write notes and give gifts. Her bright symbol shows us that we make our world a brighter place whenever we say a single magic word -"Thanks!"

True Heart Bear

true heart True Heart Bear is all you would expect the very first Care Bear to be. She's perky, friendly, loveable, and loving. She almost glows with happy feelings. Her tummy symbol hints at all the beautiful kinds of caring that shine out from her - it's a rainbow star glowing out from a heart.

Tugs Cub

tugs Baby Tugs Bear is a happy, rough and tumble little Care Bear boy. He imitates the older Care Bears in all they do, and can't wait to be a grown up Care Bear. His symbol -a smiling star in a diaper-reflects his bright and happy personality.

Wish Bear

wish Do you have a wish? Then Wish Bear is the bear you should wish for. She knows that sometimes wishes come true and that even when they don't making wishes can be a lot of fun. She shows this with her tummy symbol-a smiling wishing star.

Work of Heart Bear

work of heart Work of Heart Bear is the most creative Care Bear of all. She's artistic and imaginative. She reminds us that we can all express our feelings while we create beautiful things when we put our hearts into it. She shows this with her tummy symbol - an artist's palette with hearts."