Grizzle-ly Adventures

Broken released February 5, 2008. When the newest honorary Care Bear, the robot, Wing Nut, breaks, no one in Care-A-Lot can repair him, so Share Bear travels to ask Grizzle for help. Only when he puts Wing Nut back together, he adds an extra feature so he can control his former robot, and try to take over Care-A-Lot again.

Emma's Dilemma released February 5, 2008. Emma is great at finding things, so good her brother and his friends don't want to play with her any more. So when she decides not to care anymore, the Care Bears leap into action and bring her to Care-A-Lot, where she helps the bears find all sort of things they'd lost.

Ups and Downs

Cheer Up From the DVD Care Bears: Ups and Downs, released May 13, 2008. Cheer Bear decides to throw a party for Surprise. But she becomes uncheery when Surprise turns out to be unsurpriseable! So she distracts Surprise with “tasks” like picking flowers, hopping through town on one foot, and doing everything in reverse, so that the Bears can plan the party!

Down to Earth Wingnut’s Care Bear Transporter beams Funshine to Earth so he can teach a lonely young boy how to make friends and have fun. But then the Care Bear Transporter breaks… and unless Wingnut can fix it, Funshine won’t be able to return to Care-a-Lot!