In 2007, the Care Bears received a make-over. They were redesigned to with "more personality." The Bears became skinny, began sporting hair bows, pony tails, caps and other accessories. Along with this recent make-over came several new CGI movies and a new cartoon series, Adventures in Care A Lot.


sample The 2000's brought about six new Care Bear movies. The first two were produced by Nelvana in CGI. The storylines were similar to the stories towards the end of the Nelvana produced cartoon series of the 1980s. However the CGI animation left many fans very disappointed. The other four movies produced by SD Entertainment and were still CGI, however the Bears had received "makeovers" and the animation style was much better.

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Cartoon Series

sample2007 brought about a brand new Care Bear series, with a new design for the family. Care Bears Adventures in Care A Lot first aired on CBS on September 15, 2007. It appeared on CBS as a Saturday Morning Cartoon, as part of their KEWLopolis line-up. The show ran until December 6, 2008.

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Direct to DVD

sampleDuring the run of the Adventures in Care A Lot cartoon run, two dvds were released with direct-to-dvd released episodes. The dvds, Ups and Downs and Grizzly Adventures, featured episodes that had not been aired as part of the tv series.

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