Grizzle, the "evil" Bear who is against Caring. He uses technology to try to destroy the Care Bears.


Grizzle's sidekick.

Sergeant Rocket Bottom

Grizzle's sidekick.


Newbie is a villain who only appeared in the beinning of the 4th episode of the AiCaL series, "Erased". A robot built by Grizzle, he was designed with an "Eraser Ray" meant to erase the Belly badges of the bears in Care-a-Lot. Newbie didn't work as planned, and instead only amplified the negative personality traits of anyone it hit.


Grumpy's Assistant who was formerly owned by Grizzle. Wingnut was Grizzle's excitable little robot assistant. Grizzle built Wingnut out of scrap metal and hardware. Wingnut is a nice well-meaning robot who is terrified of Grizzle, and Grizzle is very mean to him. But on his own, Wingnut is nice to everyone. He can be very helpful too. He has strong robotic arms, can motor around very quickly on his single tire, and he can even spin his wingnut cap and fly like a helicopter. His belly panel can even pop open and he can project holograms.