Adventures in Care A Lot

In the end of 2006, the Care Bears were becoming destined to receive yet another make-over. The summer of 2007 brought about Bears with "more personality." The mass-market Care Bears are now sporting hair bows, pony tails, caps and other accessories. Along with this most recent make-over came a new CGI movie, Oopsy Does It, and a new cartoon series, Adventures in Care A Lot.
For simplicity, the product line accompanying the Adventures in Care A Lot has been abbreviated to AiCaL by most fans.

Amigo Bear

Amigo There are different kids of people everywhere, but Amigo Bear is friends with everyone! He can speak any language, especially Spanish and English! His belly badge is a bright spiral sun circled with hearts. Amigo shows that even though we look and speak differently we can all find friendship in our hearts.

Bedtime Bear

Bedtime Sleepy Bedtime Bear is your guy when it's time for beddy-bye. His blue, crescent moon belly badge says that he's the king of cuddles who can snuggle anyone to sleep in no time. He stays awake to help others sleep at night. But if you spot him during the day he'll be snoozing away.

Best Friend Bear

Best Friend

Champ Bear

Champ Champ-seen in Snow Fun book and Broken.

Cheer Bear

Cheer Bubble and happy Cheer Bear is quick with a nice remark and always willing to help her friends. Her name and rainbow belly badge say it best - she's full of bright, colorful cheer!

Do Your Best Bear

Do Your Best Bear Do Your Best-seen in Oopsy Does It movie and Snow Fun book.

Friend Bear

Friend Friend Bear-seen in one episode and Snow Fun book.

Funshine Bear

Funshine "Here comes the fun!" Everyone loves Funshine Bear! This happy and energetic bear knows how to have fun and can turn anything into a game. Funshine treats everyone like a close friend and loves kidding around. Funshine's favorite things are his sunny belly badge and his trusty red baseball cap.

Good Luck Bear

Good Luck

Grumpy Bear

grumpy If Grumpy Bear likes anything, it's tinkering with his new inventions and using all his tools. Grouchy and often complaining, Grumpy likes to makeup 'grumbly' nonsense words to express his moody blues. But don't be fooled. Beneath his frown and gloomy rain cloud is a heart of gold.

Harmony Bear

Harmony Like the different colors of a rainbow, different kinds of people can join together to make something beautiful. That's what Harmony Bear believes. She helps others get along and play well together. Her bright flower belly badge shows this, too. Each petal of the pretty flower is a different color!

Heartsong Bear

Heartsong Heartsong Bear knows that music is a wonderful way of sharing our feelings. She finds music in the many sounds around us and in the warm feelings of her heart. She loves music and the happiness it brings, and this shows in the cheerful music notes on her belly badge.

Hopeful Heart Bear

Hopeful Heart It's easy to stay happy with a friend like Hopeful Heart bear! She's always smiling and ready to show you the good side of everything. She knows happiness starts in your heart and her belly badge shows that. It has beams of hope glowing from the center of a happy heart!

Hugs & Tugs Cubs

Hugs and Tugs

Laugh A Lot Bear

Laugh A Lot Laugh A Lot Bear-seen in 2 cartoon episodes, Oopsy Does It movie and Snow Fun book.

Love A Lot Bear

Love A Lot

Oopsy Bear

Oopsy Oopsy Bear is eager-eager to please, eager to help, and eager to get his own belly badge. So eager that he often draws one on his belly himself! Too bad he's always clumsy and bumbling...and always saying "Oopsie!" But make no mistake-Oopsy is 100% Care Bear at heart.

Play A Lot Bear

Play A Lot

Share Bear

Share Nobody shares like Share Bear. She may be a little sweetie - but she always has the biggest heart ad plenty of love to give. She often says, "We can do this together!" You'll know her by her curly hair and the little satchel she carries. It's full of lollipops - perfect for sharing!

Shine Bright

Shine Bright Shine Bright Bear believes we shine in everything we do. Which means looking our best at all times, too! Some say she's a fashion princess. Even her belly badge glows as bright as her appearance - a shining sun inside a heart!

Super Star Bear

Super Star Superstar Bear loves playing games! She plays her heart-out no matter what. Her super, try-your-best attitude makes her a good sport, a good friend and helps her be a star in almost everything she does. Maybe that's why she gets to wear a super, big, gold star for her belly badge!

Surprise Bear

Suprise No one loves a good surprise like Surprise Bear! And since she's always springing fun on someone, it's no surprise her belly badge is a colorful heart-stamped jack-in-the-box. Funny and light-hearted, purple and playful, you never know where Surprise Bear will pop up next. You just know it will be fun when she does!



True Heart

True Heart True Heart Bear is a perky, lovable and loving Care Bear who always tells the truth. Her belly badge is a multi-colored star with a glowing pink heart in its center. True heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of each of us shines out from what's in our heart.

Wish Bear

Wish Wish Bear has the best job in the whole world-to help make wishes come true! Her best friend is Twinkers, a wishing star that helps her grant wishes. But look out-those wishes don't always turn out like you hope. Wish Bear's belly badge is a bright shooting star with a rainbow trail.

Mystery Bear 1


Mystery Bear 2