sampleThe 2001 release focused mainly on the 1980's cartoon series, with VHS/DVDs coming with the plush. However, new movies were created and in 2007 a new cartoon series launched as a Saturday morning cartoon.

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sampleWith multiple product lines and several redesigns along the way, the market was saturated with new Care Bear items. The product lines included the mass market redesign, 2 anniversary lines, a celebration line, and a final design created to tie into the new cartoon.

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sampleWith the raging success of the new toy lines, there were Care Bears everywhere. The weekly ads frequently had Care Bear related items, promoting a sale or just advertising the newest product to be release. Check out the advertisements for this decade!

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The History Continues...

In 2000, Hasbro decided to shut down Kenner Toys and end a piece of Care Bear history. Also in this year new Care Bear items started to appear in trend stores such as Hot Topic and Spencers. They were a success and new items kept appearing. In 2002, the new style bears started appearing at local toy stores across the nation. Each store seemed to have their own special version of the bears. Wal-Mart got in 10 inch bears,
Target got in beanies in boxes, Kay-Bee Toys got in the 13 inch with video and a poseable…each store had their own special items. By 2005, the Care Bears were every where. There are Care Bear pens and pencils, school supplies, figurines, stuffed bears, cards, games and much more. By 2007, the bears have gone from a more traditional style plush, to talk, to floppy and scented, and in 2007 there has been another "redesign" for the bears. Not only has the Care Bear line changed forms but a variety of new additions were added to the Care Bear Family, while unfortunately, the Care Bear Cousins have been removed from production. The Bears are now a World-Wide success and production has started on bears in South America! What is most special about the products from South America is that they are being made with parts and from the molds of the original bears in the 1980s! Although colors and symbols have changed to match the "modernized" bears here in the USA, the poseables are being made from the molds the originals were made from! Major additions in 2007 have included the 25th Anniversary Bears. These bears have come in two forms, a traditional 80s style plush with "25th Anniversary" sewn onto their foot with silver and also a floppy style line of bears with silver accents on their tummy symbols and also a Silver Edition Tenderheart.
The artwork has been "modernized" by Dave Stein, who was the artist from 2001 to 2004 and is then was created by Saxton Moore. New product lines included baby items, Celebration Style, Anniversary Style, New Style and many more!