Welcome to the Kingdom of Caring, home of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

Care A Lot

The Care Bears are cuddly, adorable little bears with special pictures on their tummies. They live in a pretty, magical world of clouds and rainbows called Care-a-Lot. They have always watched over the feelings of children everywhere.
One day the Care Bears noticed that the world wasn't as pretty as it used to be. The air smelled funny and the water wasn't as clear as before. They quickly saw what was wrong. Oceans, trees, mountains, animals, streams, and even the air was being ruined by Carelessness.
The Care Bears decided to help. Each Bear chose something in our world to care about. Then with their Care Bear Stare, they even changed the pictures on their tummies to show what they cared about. Let's see what they look like now!
Taken from booklet that came with the 1991 bears

Grumpy Bear


Friend Bear

Friend Friend Bear cares a lot about trees and forests. She has a picture on her tummy of trees and flowers.

Funshine Bear


Cheer Bear

Cheer Cheer Bear cares extra hard about clean water and all the fish that live in it. See her bright rainbow?

Bedtime Bear

Bedtime Bedtime Bear wants everyone to have peace and quiet. The moon and stars on his tummy shows this

Love A Lot Bear

Love A Lot Love-A-Lot Bear loves animals so much that her special tummy picture shows woodland animals and two hearts.

Share Bear

Share Share Bear has a rainbow of hearts tummy picture that shows that she cares about recycling.

Tenderheart Bear

Tenderheart Tenderheart Bear is the leader of the Care Bears. The heart in his tummy picture shows he cares about keeping the world a good home for everyone

Proud Heart Bear

proud heart Proud Heart Bear is an all-American Care Bear who helps kids learn to care for their country. He loves America and is proud of the many things that make our country great.