The Family

sampleThe 1990's brought about the fall of Kenner Toys and the release of a new style of Care Bears. Hasbro designed the not-so-popular (and short-lived) line of Environmental Care Bears.

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sampleWhile the bears weren't very popular, there was still a good deal of merchandise produced around the bears, as well as a short lived release from Shopko and an attempt to hop on the beanie baby crazy of 1999.

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sampleCheck out the vintage advertisements for the Environmental line made by Hasbro Toys.

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The History Continues...

In 1991, Hasbro purchased Tonka Corporation, which consisted of Kenner Products and Parker Brothers. With this purchase, Hasbro became the largest toy company in the world. Hasbro did not gain control over the design for the Care Bears but they did get the production license and decided to try and cash in on the Care Bear Craze. Hasbro introduced a new line of Care Bears, the Environmental Care Bears. Hasbro changed the tummy symbols to give them a more environmental friendly feel. Proud Heart was also changed from a cat into a bear. A lot of people call this is "Desert Storm Bear" because it was released around that time. The bears were not a huge success and, in my opinion, were rather odd looking.

In 1995, a more traditional styled Care Bear appeared, usually referred to as Shopco Bears. There were only three bears in this series, Bedtime, Tenderheart, and Cheer. These bears looked more like the original bears but with a Hasbro twist. The bears were the original colors with the original tummy symbols but had rather large hands and feet.

The bears next appearance was in 1999 to go along with the Beanie Baby ™ craze. This time six bears were released; Tenderheart, Cheer, Share, Good Luck, Friend, and Bedtime. They were sold in a set of six. These were not a huge success, probably because of little promotion-most people don’t realize they exist.