Welcome to the Kingdom of Caring, home of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

Friends & Enemies

Between the movies, tv specials, and cartoons; there were many different friends and villains. Here are the main ones that I have images of at this time. I still need to get screen captures for villains on Dr. Fright, Sour Sam, and Strato Nefarious from the cartoons. From the movies I am missing Dark Heart, Dim and Dum, Gabby and Rumble, Rat King, The Spirit, The Vizier, and the Wizard of Wonderland.

Cloud Keeper

The Cloud Keeper only appeared in the early Care Bear books and cartoons when Professor Cold Heart was around. He served as the narrator for the stories.

Star Buddies

The Star Buddies help lookout for the Care Bears. In the original artwork by Elena, each bear had their own Star Buddy. There was one Star Buddy for each bear and it was the same color as the bear.

Bird Buddies

harmony Just like the Bears had the Star Buddies, the Cousins, each had their own Bird. There was one Bird for each Cousin and it was the same color as the Cousin.

Heart Buddies

hugs and tugs Both the Care Bears and the Cousins had Heart Buddies. These only appeared in the original artwork done by Elena.

Professor Cold Heart

love a lot Professor Cold Heart appeared in the television debut of the Care Bears in The Land Without Feelings. He is also the main villain of the 1985 DiC-produced Care Bears cartoon series, appearing in several episodes alongside his sidekick Frostbite.


seafriend Frostbite is Professor Cold Heart's sidekick. He helped Professor Cold Heart try to do away with all the warm, fuzzy feelings.

Green Creature Slaves

hugs and tugs Professor Cold Heart's minions from The Land Without Feelings, these creatures were once children. Devoid of feelings and emotions, Cold Heart uses them as his personal slaves.

Auntie Freeze

hugs and tugs Auntie Freeze is a villain similar to Professor Cold Heart, who uses her freezing power to destroy all that is good. She appeared in two DiC episodes of the cartoon.

No Heart

love a lot NoHeart is the main villain in the Nelvana series. He lives in a castle, nestled in the dark clouds. His niece Shreeky and sidekick Beastly often join in on his plans to destroy the Care Bears. Through the use of his amulet and dark magic, he is able to change forms.


hugs and tugs Beastly is Shreeky and No Heart's sidekick. He is best known for constantly blundering his assignments.


seafriend Shreeky is No Hearts niece. She is best known for using her magic mirror and for having a horrible shriek that irritates all those around her, especially her uncle No Heart.