Welcome to the Kingdom of Caring, home of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

Care A Lot

The Forest of Feelings is just down the Rainbow River from Care A Lot. The Care Bear Cousins are often found having a nice picnic lunch along the banks of the river or in the case of Playful Heart Monkey, swinging from the trees.

Brave Heart Lion

bedtime Why, look! Here comes Brave Heart Lion. He's sort of the unofficial leader of the Care Bear Cousins here in the Forest of Feelings. It's not because of his size though. The other Care Bear Cousins look up to and admire Brave Heart Lion, because when it comes to caring and sharing, he's the best. He wears a big read heart proudly to show us all that a true leader leads with kindness and caring. What a guy!

Bright Heart Raccoon

birthday Next time you have a tough question or a problem, there's a Care Bear Cousin who can help. It's Bright Heart Raccoon. He always seems to have the right answer! He knows a lot about many different subjects, but he also has the good judgment to be able to solve problems he hasn't confronted before. Far from being a bookworm, Bright Heart Raccoon loves to go out, especially at night, and learn things through observation and experience. The glowing light bulb on Bright Heart Raccoon's tummy reflects his desire for knowledge and lets us know that learning can be lots of fun. That's Bright Heart Raccoon.

Cozy Heart Penguin

champ Usually, the weather is nice and warm in the Forest of Feelings. But when winter comes to the forest, one of the Care Bear Cousins doesn't mind one little bit! Can you guess who? Why, it's Cozy Heart Penguin, of course. After all, he is especially suited for the cold weather. Cozy Heart Penguin just loves to throw a party, complete with a warm crackling fire in the fireplace. He has a special gift for making people feel right at home. He's an expert at helping others forget their worries. The heart with a stocking cap that Cozy Heart Penguin wears on his stomach reflects his warm and caring personality. Everyone should have a friend like Cozy Heart Penguin!

Gentle Heart Lamb

cheer Even though all the Care Bear Cousins are known for being kind and soft-hearted, they would all agree that Gentle Heart Lamb is the most soft-hearted of all. He's very shy except, of course when he sees someone that needs help then he can become quite brave and bold. When things go badly, or people suffer setbacks, Gentle Heart Lamb always knows just the right words of encouragement to make them feel better. The pillow on his tummy is Gentle Heart Lamb's way of helping us all remember that when someone is in need, the best cure is love and kindness.

The Koala

daydream In the late 1980's, American Greetings had asked Elena to design some additional Cousins to add to the Care Bear family. This was one of her creations that made it into prototype stage of development before Kenner Toys went under. The koala was never named and never had a tummy symbol designed. While seen in pictures, the prototype has never surfaced. (If you have it, I would be incredibly interested in purchasing it!)

Lotsa Heart Elephant

Forest Friend Hey, everyone! Look over there by the bank of the Rainbow River! It's Lotsa Heart Elephant! He's a real heavyweight here in the Forest of Feelings - a heavyweight in more ways than one. Sure he as physical strength. Why, one day he lifted and balanced four cloud-trees on the tip of his trunk! But that's just half the story. Lotsa Heart Elephant is also strong on perseverance. That's a big word that means to keep on trying until you succeed. "Hang in there!" is his motto. Behind all his strength, Lotsa Heart Elephant is a real softie. He just can't seem to say no. Aside from this, Lotsa Heart Elephant has only one major weakness - a very poor memory. Oh, well, nobody's perfect!

Loyal Heart Dog

friend Who's honest and true and loyal beyond compare? It's the very proper and formal-mannered pup, Loyal Heart Dog, that's who. If there is something that Loyal Heart Dog feels honor-bound to do, nothing but nothing will stand in his way. Don't get me wrong though. Loyal Heart Dog loves to have fun too. When it comes to good times, he is just as likely as any other care Bear Cousin to slide down a rainbow or swing on a star. His warm personality combined with his faithfulness and loyalty, makes him a true-blue friend to everyone he meets. This kind of loyalty deserves a medal. That's the reason Loyal Heart Dog proudly wears a heart medal on his tummy. This dog is a real hero! Let's hear it for Loyal Heart Dog! Hip, hip, hooray!

Noble Heart Horse

funshine Noble Heart Horse was the founder of the Care Bear Cousin's. He acted as a type of overseer for the Forest of Feelings and didn't appear in many of the Care Bear episodes.

Perfect & Polite Panda

good luck Perfect (star symbol) and Polite Panda (rose symbol) appeared in one episode of the Care Bear Family Cartoon, The Long Lost Care Bears. They were never made into plush or any toys in the 1980s. They live in Paradise, protecting the Valley. According to True Heart, when all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins were very young, Perfect and Polite were frightened away by No Heart.

Panda 1

grams Like the Koala, Elena also designed a pair of Pandas to add to the family. I am unsure as rather or not a prototype was made. If there was, I'd love to see pictures of it and purchase it as well!

Panda 2

grumpy Like the Koala, Elena also designed a pair of Pandas to add to the family. I am unsure as rather or not a prototype was made. If there was, I'd love to see pictures of it and purchase it as well!

Playful Heart Monkey

harmony Oh, my goodness! Look up there! Do you see someone swinging and playing high up in the big purple cloud-tree? It's Playful Heart Monkey. He has the most amazing talent for turning ordinary tasks into fun. But you had better be careful. You see, Playful Heart Monkey just loves a good practical joke. If you're not careful, he'll try one of his tricks on you. Don't let him fool you. Making funny faces and generally monkeying around are his stock and trade. The heart-shaped balloon and the party favors on his tummy are the perfect symbol for Playful Heart Monkey. That's because no one likes good times better than he does. Playful Heart Monkey helps us all remember that there is fun to be found everywhere if we keep a playful outlook.

Proud Heart Cat

hugs and tugs Everyone likes to try to be perfect. Some of us come closer than others. Of all the Care Bear Cousins, none come closer to perfection than Proud Heart Cat. The other Care Bear Cousins sometimes kid Proud Heart Cat about his great concern with details. Sometimes he does seem to miss the forest for the trees, but Proud Heart Cat doesn't mind at all. He claims it's better to be overly neat than overly sloppy, and I guess he is right. In a good way, Proud Heart Cat reminds us all to always try to do our very best in everything we do. That's why he wears the pretty hear-filled star on his tummy. None of us may ever be quite as perfect as Proud Heart Cat, but it sure won't hurt to try.

Swift Heart Rabbit

love a lot Hop, hop, hop! See that flash of blue rushing through the tall grass? Maybe you can tell who that is by the long ears. It's Swift Heart Rabbit! What a bundle of energy he is. He always seems to be zipping all over the Cloud Tree Forest and what a talker he is. As a matter of fact, Swift Heart Rabbit seems to do everything at a ninety mile a minute pace. Sometimes though, he can find himself in a bit of trouble. That's because he tends to rush headlong into everything without thinking it through. Swift Heart Rabbit's symbol is a heart with wings. It tells us that no matter how fast paced the life he leads, there's always time to spread happiness and cheer. Love that rabbit!

Treat Heart Pig

seafriend Can you guess which one of the Care Bear Cousins wears an ice cream cone on his tummy? It's Treat Heart Pig! This guy knows how to turn any occasion into a holiday. Treat Heart Pig loves to treat others even more than he loves to treat himself. All his friends think that he's a real sweetheart. His favorite things are good friends, good food, and a good old-fashioned get-together. He's been known to overeat on occasions, but he usually takes things in moderation. Treat Heart Pig gets along very well with the other Care Bear Cousins. That's because he's always surprising them with little gifts and treats. More than anything, his ice cream cone symbolizes Treat Heart Pig's wholehearted devotion to helping others live life to the fulles