Welcome to the Kingdom of Caring, home of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

Care A Lot

If we could climb over the nearest rainbow, go beyond the fluffiest clouds, and into the land of the sparkling stars, we would find ourselves in an enchanting place called Care-a-Lot. A world colored with soft pastel clouds and cheerful rainbows - a quiet space of warm feelings and gentle thoughts. It's the home of the Care Bears!

Bedtime Bear

bedtime Bedtime Bear hums you lullabies. Just cuddle in bed and close your eyes. Don't worry or wiggle or try counting sheep. He brings you good dreams when you go to sleep.

Birthday Bear

birthday Birthday Bear's ready to wave a balloon or sing "Happy Birthday," his favorite tune. He goes with your to parties. He helps you have fun. He adds magic to birthdays for everyone.

Champ Bear

champ He is the biggest sports star in all of Care-A-Lot. He's great at every game you can think of. He knows that the real prizes of sports are fun, fitness, friends and learning to do and be you best -win or lose! The trophy on his tummy symbolizes that everybody wins when they play their best.

Cheer Bear

cheer Cheer Bear is ready to brighten your day when nothing quite seems to be going your way. If your feelings are hurt, if you're sick, if you're sad, Cheer Bear arrives! Things aren't so bad!

Daydream Bear

daydream Meet Daydream Bear. She shows that daydreams are fun and help inspire people to do great things. But she also shows it's important to pay attention. She is constantly getting into funny little scrapes because her mind is somewhere else. Her tummy symbol, two heart-shaped balloons shows that with imagination, there is a rainbow of happiness that we can create.

Forest Friend Bear

Forest Friend Meet Forest Friend Bear. This bear's job is to protect all the creatures that live in the forest and to help them get along, as shown on his tummy symbol. This bear was a UK exclusive and produced by Tonka for the World Wild Life Federation.

Friend Bear

friend Meet Friend Bear. Friend Bear is one bear you can't be without. You'll never be lonely when Friend Bear's about. She's ready to play or to listen to you. She's ready to go everyplace that you do!

Funshine Bear

funshine Meet Funshine Bear. Funshine Bear always wears a smile. Being happy is her style! She helps you see the sun shine through when things aren't going right for you!

Good Luck Bear

good luck Meet Good Luck Bear. Good Luck Bear has been around where four-leaf clovers can be found. He'll help you have a lucky day. He'll help you win the games you play!

Grams Bear

gramsMeet Grams Bear. She is the "grandmother" to all the bears. She likes to tell stories and helps to take care of Hugs and Tugs. A famous quote from her is "This reminds me of a story".

Grumpy Bear

grumpy Meet Grumpy Bear. Grumpy Bear knows that a kid can get mad and feel angry enough to scream and be bad! When you pout or kick or start to cry, Grumpy Bear will be there...he understands why.

Harmony Bear

harmony Meet Harmony Bear. She is a peace-loving bear who works to help everyone get along and work together. She is a calm Care Bear who has a gift for giving her calm nature to others when they need it most. Her symbol, three hearts blending together into one shows that harmony is when different people come together for the good of all. (Harmony Bear originally appeared in the 2nd movie with the 3 hearts on her symbol, but as a plush was created with 2 different symbols, the 3 hearts and also 3 music notes. Now in the new edition bears, she has a multi-colored flower on her tummy.)

Hugs and Tugs Cubs

hugs and tugs Meet Hugs and Tugs the Care Bear cubs. Baby Tugs is happy rough and tumble little boy. He imitates the older Care Bears in all they do, and can't wait to be a grown up Care Bear. His symbol - a smiling star in a diaper - reflects this bright and happy personality. Baby Hugs is a sweet and loving little girl. She's very loving and gives hugs to everyone. She's also very curious and often gets into mischief. Her symbol, a smiling star coming out of a heart, shows her outgoing, loving nature. Her favorite saying is "Oh Goodie Goodie Gosh".

Love A Lot Bear

love a lot Meet Love-A-lot Bear. She's a true believe in the power of love but is not afraid to help it along. Love-a-Lot Bear likes Valentine's Day because it is her special way to say "I love you" or "Will you be mine?" She wants to be your valentine.

Sea Friend Bear

seafriend Meet Sea Friend Bear. This bear's job is to make sure that everybody is safe in the waters. This bear was a UK exclusive and produced by Tonka for the World Wild Life Federation.

Share Bear

share Meet Share Bear. She is the bear who helps others learn about sharing the good things they have. She is unselfish and giving herself and if she could, would even share the symbol right off of her tummy. Her symbol, a sundae with two straws and hearts, shows that true sharing is a treat that comes from the heart.

Surprise Bear

surprise Meet Surprise Bear. Surprise Bear loves a good surprise. The jack-in-the-box on this bear's tummy symbol shows what he's all about - a good, fun surprise.

Take Care Bear

take care Take Care Bear climbs right into bed at bedtime. He plays very hard all day long, and he knows his body needs to rest at night so he'll be ready to play again tomorrow. Be sure you get plenty of snuggly warm sleep. Playing with your friends is more fun when you don't feel tired. Sweet dreams!

*Taken from Take Care Bear trading card (c) 1986, Dorsey Laboratories, makers of Triaminic and Dorcol cough and cold products.

Tenderheart Bear

tenderheart Meet Tenderheart Bear. Tenderheart Bear is a loveable guy. He'll help you give hugs when you're feeling shy. He's happy to play and he's happy to rest. He's happy to do all the things you like best!

True Heart Bear

trueheart Meet True Heart Bear. She is everything that one would expect the first Care Bear to be. She's fun and perky, warm and friendly, and extra lovable and loving! True Heart Bear's tummy symbol, a rainbow-colored star that radiates out from a heart at its center, shows all the beautiful ways that caring shines out from a loving heart!

Wish Bear

wish Meet Wish Bear. Wish Bear's always where you are when you wish upon a star, helping every wish come true, dreaming every dream with you!