Welcome to the Kingdom of Caring, home of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.


The Care Bears cartoons and movies are not without their share of errors. There are tons more out there but unfortunately I do not have screencaptures to go along with them. If you know of others and have images to go with, please feel free to contact me!

First Movie (The Care Bears Movie)

When the bears sing the song “Nobody Cares Like a Bear,” Tenderheart is supposed to be on earth with Nicholas. At the end of the song, the bears all slide down a rainbow and the last bear is Tenderheart.

While the Cousins are singing “Calling all Cousins,” Proud Heart Cat falls and is caught by Brave Heart Lion and for a second Proud Heart turns blue.

When the Care Bears are sailing down the Rainbow River from the Forest of Feelings, Cozy Heart’s tummy symbol appears for a few frames and then disappears.

While the Care Bears are singing “Forest of Feelings, Care A Lot, and Earth,” Tenderheart appears for a few moments instead of Friend Bear.

When the Care Bears do the Care Bear Stare against the bird, Friend Bear is on the cliff staring with the other bears, but then Friend is seen on the boat and then back on the cliff.

When Kim, Jason, and the bears are in the Forest of Feelings, a tree that is under an evil spell attacks them. Brave Heart Lion hears their screams and comes running back to help and while he’s running he has his tummy symbol.

When Good Luck and Grumpy arrive at the end of the movie, they are both wearing raincoats. Then in the next frame the raincoats disappear and then reappear a few frames later.

When they are all sitting around the table, Secret's tummy symbol disappears while talking to Bright Heart.

In the end when the cousins are standing in a line when tenderheart walks by, for a single frame, Bright Heart has a outline of his tummy symbol but not the full symbol, and in the next frame its gone. This actually happens several times in like 10 seconds.

The Care Bears Movie II, A New Generation

When True Heart checks on the cubs while they are sleeping, Proud Heart Cat wakes up because of Loyal Heart’s ear and Proud Heart has her symbol for a few frames.

When Baby Secret Bear and Baby Tenderheart jump on the rainbow to leave the cloud boat, you can see their tummy symbols. The symbols disappear as they are sliding, then when they reach the bottom of the rainbow, the symbols are given to them for the first time.

When True Heart skydives down to Earth, she is wearing goggles with a wraparound strap. She takes these off and drops them in her backpack where Baby Swift Heart is hiding. When he pops up a split second later wearing the goggles, the strap is under his bonnet.

When they're on the boat in the Kingdom of Caring, True Heart shoots a rainbow out of her stomach that only goes halfway into the air. However, when the baby cubs slide down it, it suddenly reaches the ground.

When Dark Heart is pretending to be the Caring Meter Reader, he falls and lands on the see saw. This sends Cheer Bear up into the air and Funshine, who had been beside the see saw turns pink for a few frames.

When the caring meter is dropping down, Noble Heart says that it must be Dark Heart, and the next shot shows the star and heart buddies. In this shot they have switched colors. The star is pink and the heart is yellow. Then in the next shot when they go to hide behind the kids, their colors have suddenly switched back.

When Grumpy goes to take the key off of Dark Heart, Grumpy’s arm suddenly turns brown.

When the spell is lifted and Dark Heart is holding Christy’s hat and it is red, then in the next frame she is wearing the hat which is purple, then the next frame Dark Heart has is again and it’s red, then he hands it to her and she puts it on and it turns purple.

At the end when the Care Bears are all swimming, Noble Heart and Brave Heart go to throw Swift Heart into the lake. As Braveheart comes up behind him, Braveheart has no suit on, but when he throws in Swift Heart, he suddenly has it back on.

A special thanks to Mike at The Care Bear Zone for those wonderful screen captures.